A Night On The Town


Should we also make this community a redlining community where people can post their work and see how they can improve it?
This is just an idea I'm throwing out there.
A Night On The Town


Just want to say hey to any new faces!

Also, feel free to post any artwork you feel would work well with the idea behind this community! I have a math test tomorrow, and the a final in the same class a week after that, so I'm busy with studying. In the mean time, post away!
A Night On The Town

Some information

Hello everyone!
Just took a peek at our members list, and I noticed it has grown so I want to say welcome to all the new faces! Thanks for joining up!

Be sure to check the second entry here, since it has a few pictures to draw inspiration from. Several members have already posted their versions in the comments! I will add all picture posts to the memories, and they'll be tagged as Picture Posts. Be sure to tag it if you make one! "Picture Post" is fine.

Again, Welcome to the community!
A Night On The Town

One more thing

I wish to have this community open to all forms of art, not simply drawings and the like. Photographers, 3D artists, Textile artisans I'm talking to you! If you can draw inspiration from any pieces posted, then please please post your finished works! I'd love to see as many different angles on a "horror" as we can get!
A Night On The Town

Welcome to the community!

Make sure to read the community info for the rules and basic outline of the club. I want this to be a huge outlet of creativity and pushing ideas to the limit, so lets see what we can do!

My first request is for a community icon and/or layout. Someone who can make this place look pretty will be much appreciated. I can build my own websites, but modifying HTML that is already there is hard for me.

As a first "horror" I submit a piece of my own work. It is recent, but I dunno if I'll ever finish it. There are lots of mistakes there (the thumbs are missing) and I know there are kids out there who can do a much better job than I could!

Let's see what you can come up with!