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can_i_do_better's Journal

Can I Do Better?
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Hey out there!

Recently I've come across a lot of, well, horrors in the art world. I'm here to ask the question: Can you do better? Here in this community, members post images they find while crawling around the various art-posting sites on the internet and present their version of the previous image. You can find other communities like this around LJ if you wish to see what this idea is all about. Here is another offsite link on the subject: linkies!

We will have some rules here, to protect everyone involved.
1. Please DO NOT reveal the identity of the original artist. I don't want anyone to go flaming that person, or putting them down because of the image they chose to create.
The only exception to this is if you spoke to the artist and have their permission. Proof will be required!
2. No flaming! This community is to take ideas and move them to their full potential. We can't do that with people badmouthing any artwork or members.
3. Please only one post per "horror." If you see something in the community that catches your eye and you want to take your own swing at it, post your image in the comments of the original post. DO NOT make a second post.

Feel free to post up your own "horrors" to allow others to reply in comments with their creations inspired by your idea.
There may be a monthly theme with one "horror" where we can see how far we can stretch a single idea, and how creative our members are with their different submissions.

All works created by members of this community fall under the category of "fan-art" of the original artist, as we are being inspired by their works.